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Competitor Intelligence

Harness the Power of Competitor Intent.

Promowise started as a trusted intelligence provider. Offering real-time competitor insights to empower data-driven marketing decisions. Today, we leverage this expertise to offer comprehensive B2B solutions that unlock hidden prospects engaging with competitors to fuel your pipeline growth. 


The power of 1,000 Publishers

Turn competitor insights into qualified leads. Discover companies actively researching your competition, allowing you to target ideal prospects.

Our Unique Approach

Beyond Public Intent Data

Unlock the power of precise targeting with our Competitor Intent data. By understanding who is engaging with your competitors, we help you identify and target the most promising prospects. 

Our Unique Approach

Actionable Insights

Don't miss out! Discover ideal prospects outside your current ABM list. Leverage competitor engagement data to target accounts actively researching your competitors, expanding your reach and uncovering valuable new opportunities.

Our Unique Approach

Personalized Content Experiences

Leverage our insights to personalize content experiences that resonate. Target prospects based on their actual engagement with your competitors, ensuring messaging that connects and drives action.


Our Data Sources

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Online Traffic Activity

We monitor and analyze user behavior across landing pages to identify patterns and optimize campaign performance.

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Content Engagements

By tracking interactions with competitor content, we gain deep insights into organizational buying behaviors.

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Public Intent Data Sources

We utilize publicly available data to capture broader topic-based intent signals. 

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Private Data Sources

Our exclusive partnerships unlock unique insights unavailable anywhere else, revealing competitor engagement details and fueling highly targeted campaigns.

Why Promowise?

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Identify High-Value Prospects

Uncover ideal customers actively researching your competitors and ready to engage.

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Personalize Content for Maximum Impact

Deliver relevant messaging that resonates with individual needs and preferences.

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Optimize Campaigns for Peak Performance

Drive ROI by focusing resources on activities most likely to convert leads.

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Accelerate Pipeline Growth

Reduce wasted efforts and generate qualified leads faster.


Promowise is producing the best results we've seen to date!

"So far we’ve seen several new opportunities and the SDRs seem to be happy with the lead quality. My team is happy, and that makes me happy :)"

Hannah H
Hannah H. Manager, Demand Gen Marketing 

It's interesting data, that's for sure, and the lead quality seems to be on point.

"Between the lead quality and their competitor intelligence, we are getting tons of value, and I am excited to see how things progress."

Tim C
Tim C. VP of Marketing

Promowise is redefining what B2B Content Strategy looks like

"You guys are showing perspectives that most are not considering when looking at their strategy - And for most clients, this is a black hole, but you guys are making it easy to fill these gaps. It's very cool."

James W
James W. SVP

Ready to outsmart your competitors
and win high-value leads?

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