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The Power of 1,000 Publishers

Accelerate pipeline growth using competitor intelligence, buyer intent signals, and predictive analytics. 

"Understanding where you stand in relation to the competition  is a critical early step in the strategic planning process."

Intelligence Platform

Competitor Intelligence 

Get access to the marketing strategies of your competitors with an easy dashboard view. Keep a pulse on key competitors, or the market at large, with activity feeds on marketing collateral, campaign launches, buyer-intent signals, and vendor relationships. 


Intelligence Platform

Strategic Planning 

Having the right information before making a decision is often the difference between success and failure. Get access to 100k+ brand profiles for extensive research into the strategies of any competitor or prospect. 



Intelligence Platform 


Competitor Monitoring

Follow the Brands that are most important to your team with real-time activity feeds in an easy dashboard view. 


Performance Measurements 

Easily understand what marketing assets are working for your competitors and how they positioning themselves to target buyers. 

Advanced analytic-2

Analytics & Reports

Create different reports on competitors or customers for total market visibility. Making it easy to identify holes in strategies.

Group 157

Intent Monitoring

Get access to prospects showing intent based on actions and activity detected from competitors. 


Global Research

Research 100k Brand profiles with near real-time marketing activity that includes: marketing assets, campaigns, channels, and Vendor relationships.

Activity Alerts

Activity Alerts

Stay in the know with activity alerts on important activity from competitors or prospects. 

Ready to start leveraging competitor intelligence to accelerate pipeline growth?